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Diversity FAQ’s No 17: Should Managers be financially rewarded for meeting ‘diversity targets’??

This has always been a bit of a controversial question with differing views.

For example, Maggie Berry, Managing Director of Women in Technology suggests that diversity targets should be introduced similar to sales targets – the implication being that reward in the form of some kind of remuneration package, is offered when allocated targets have been met. Maggie further suggests that targets could indeed be a viable avenue for promoting greater diversity awareness by putting pressure on organisations so as to ensure they deliver set targets accordingly.

Whilst I understand the context of her argument, I disagree with her thinking for the reasons listed below:

Firstly, whereas sales targets for going above and beyond normal performance stipulations may be justified as a means of demonstrating particular workplace excellence, rewarding individuals for effectively ensuring that an organisation’s people are broadly reflective of the marketplace, to me, appears a different ‘kettle of fish’ as this should in fact be the normal state of affairs for any 21st century organisation? Continue reading

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