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Diversity FAQ’s No 18: How is Diversity connected to ‘Globalisation’?

Globalisation refers to the process of the transnational circulation of ideas, languages, or of ‘popular culture’ through acculturation (or the assimiliation and association of cultures), driven by economic unification – making the world move into the proverbial ‘global village’.

Diversity is connected to globalisation through the following 4 main 21st century realities or drivers:

  • The Phenomena of ‘World Immigration’,
  • New Technologies
  • The Internet
  • The breaking down of geo-political borders between countries

The Phenomena of ‘World Immigration’

In the 1980’s and the early 90’s, most ‘talk’ on immigration tended to focus and convey pictures in our minds of ‘refugees’, ‘asylum seekers’ and those that were ‘economically displaced’ as a result of war, etc.

This thinking has now radically changed: With globalisation now a full reality of the modern world, the migration of people from across all cultures driven by the ‘processes’ of globalisation as they interconnect with the social, political, economic and cultural dimensions of countries across the world, what I call ‘world immigration’ has naturally sprung up and gradually replaced the traditional conceptions of immigration we previously tended to have. Continue reading

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