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Some more interesting statistics: Did you know that??

With the forthcoming Easter celebrations (and the 11 day bank holiday kicking in this week in view of the Royal Wedding – thank you and indeed congrats Will and Kate!), I spontaneously began thinking about Religion and Belief and thought it interesting to look at the various world belief systems across board that form an essential part of who we are as ‘groups’ of people and individuals. So…

Did you know that??

  • The approximate Christian world population is 2.1 billion (about one-third of the total population of the planet)
  • The approximate Muslim world population is 1.5 billion
  • The approximate Non-religious/Agnostic/Atheistic world population is 1.1 billion
  • The approximate world population practising Sikhism is 23 million
  • The approximate Buddhist world population is 376 million
  • The approximate Hindu world population is 900 million
  • The approximate Jewish world population is 14 million
  • The approximate world population practising Neo-Paganism is 1 million
  • The approximate world population practising Rastafarianism is 600,000
  • The approximate world population practising Scientology is 500,000

Did you also know that the top 10 world’s most populated countries (taken from the US  Census Bureau, International Data Base) ranked in order are rated thus:

  1. China – with a population of 1,323,591, 583 (has 1/5 of the world’s people)
  2. India – 1.156,897,766
  3. The US – 307,212,123
  4. Indonesia – 240,271,522
  5. Brazil – 198,739,269
  6. Pakistan – 174,578,558
  7. Bangladesh – 156,050,883
  8. Nigeria – 149,229,090
  9. Russia – 140,041,247
  10. Japan – 127,078,679

What are the implications of these statistics for…?

Just some thoughts for you to think about as we celebrate Easter; a word which itself is derived from a variety of cultural and religous traditions (Paganism, Judaism and Christianity), and which as a consequence doesn’t just symbolise the Christian celebration of the death and life of the historical man called Jesus, but which from a diversity viewpoint, pulls together the dynamism of the human spirit, regardless of particular religious beliefs, convictions or peoples…


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