10 Core Strategic Competencies

I stumbled into a website which got me thinking about the competencies listed below. I suggest that they are essential to those needed for effectively navigating the challenges of the 21st century workplace:

1) Systemic Thinking:                                                                                                                           

The ability to think…outside the box, and to see the inter-connectedness between seemingly disparate things in a manner that brings about change to an organisation’s structure, functions, people, culture and general ‘feeling’. Systemic thinking is about facilitating an environment where diverse perspectives lead to great insight

2) Strategic Intent:

The ability to use insight to analyse, understand, and develop simple and clear solutions that solve problems – leading to the attainment of an organisation’s strategic objectives.

3) Ethical Mindset:

The ability to navigate the ‘politics’ of the workplace as it relates to business, opinion, hierarchy and relationships, ensuring the right thing remains paramount – and is performed at all times.

4) Respect and Equity:                                                                                                                                :

The ability to treat all persons with due regard, as ends in themselves, and to positivelychallenge arising negative behaviour that militates against the principles of equity and fairness.

5) Inter-personal fluency:

The ability to use personal depth to engage and bring people on-board to your thinking. There is nothing wrong with this. It is likely to include a deep sense of genuineness that is infectiously inspiring such that it motivates and fuels change.

6) Global Mindset:

The ability to bring political, economic, socio-cultural and technological world views into local workplaces, and thinking beyond subconscious and limiting frameworks. It involves being able to see the inter-connectivity in the global workplace and applying the lessons learnt for successful strategy implementation – in the localised workplace.

7) Cross-cultural Competence:

Recognising socio-cultural difference and possessing the ability to leverage it to great effect; improving business processes, developing talent, and enhancing the competitive advantage.

8) Business Acumen:

Possessing great knowledge and experience of business, understanding how it works, and being able to show a considered view of its underlying social and economic principles and philosophies.

9) Knowledge of HR & People Management:

The ability to use HR and People Management processes – including talent management/development, performance management, pay and reward, flexible working practices, etc – to improve the ‘psychological contract’ and ensure staff retention.

10) Technology & Social Media Savy:

Ability to navigate the constantly changing technological landscape – and have a good grasping of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, etc), cloud technology and related tools and processes for keeping in touch in new communication trends and general ‘ways of doing’ that have implications in the workplace


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5 responses to “10 Core Strategic Competencies

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  2. KatieP

    I think this is a great list of ways to improve the working world while incorporating diversity. My question would be how would this be put into play in a larger corporation? There would need to be some classes, or education in the staff meetings right? How would a manager bring these elements into the working environment and encourage employees to keep an open mind?

  3. Jayne

    Diversity is a main key in understanding how the world works and how one can be apart of the world. Today society has so much diversity it is almost hard to keep track. But understanding that we do in fact live in a diverse world and that there are many opinions and ways of doing things is a step in the right direction of becoming diversity conscious.

  4. Jayne

    Diversity is all around us and being able to understand and grasp that there are differences amongst humans, then one can move in a positive direction in society.

  5. Frankie

    Great article. People always look at diversity as a means to avoid awkward situations but understanding diversity can be used to move forward in businesses.

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