Some interesting statistics: Did you know that …??

I watched a program called ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on Channel 4 this weekend – an eye-opening program dealing with the socio-economic and political impact of visible difference in the UK – with a particular focus on the fashion industry. Do have a watch on YouTube or ‘Catch-up TV’ on Virgin Media  if you have it (…and no, this is not an advert for them!) but definitely worth the watch…

Some of the statistics below were discussed during the program and I thought it would be worthwhile to share some with my readers:

Did you know that…

  • The value of the UK disabled community is approximately £45 billion
  • The value of the UK Gay and Lesbian Community is approximately £25billion
  • The value of UK single parent families is approximately £28 billion
  • The value of UK minorities was approximately £300 billion as of 2010
  • The value of women to the UK economy is approx £87 billion per year
  • The value of the UK black community is approx £10 billion
  • The value of the ‘grey’ pound is £100 billion
  • The UK demographics at the turn of last century (1901) was 38,328,000
  • The UK demographics at turn of this century (according to the Office for National Statistics taken in 2001) was 59,009,000
  • The UK demographics as at 2008 was approx 62,500,000, and that of this year the prediction of our population numbers in the forthcoming 2011 Census is about approx 65,000,000
  • The that the ageing population in the UK suggests that the average age of the UK worker is 39 – in 1971 it was 34
  • The mortality rate is down, fertility is also down – in 1900 for example, statistics suggest it was 3.7% children per family, in 1997,  it has fallen to 1.7%
  • The UK is a growing population – it grew by 349,000 in the year to mid 2006
  • There are more boys than girls born each year, however there is a reduction in males by the age of 20 as historically they have a higher migration & death rate than females
  • Women outnumber men in the workforce from the age of 30 to mid 40’s
  • According to recent census statistics, the list of countries below is a limited representation of some of the nationalities currently residing in the UK whose numbers range from approx 50,000 to 1,500,000:

Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Bangladeshi, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verdi, Chinese, Columbia, Cuba, Cyprus, Dutch, Ecuador, Egypt, Philippines, French, Germany, Ghana, Hungry, India, Iran, Jamaican, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, The Pacific Islands, Pakistan, Polish, Portuguese, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Zimbabwe

What are the implications of these interesting statistics?

  • For the present UK labour market?
  • For UK Plc looking for innovative ways of sustainably driving the economic recovery?
  • For organisation’s approach to developing relevant and inclusive recruitment, retention and engagement strategies?
  • For organisation’s strategic approach to talent sourcing and development?
  • For businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge on the back of the economic recession?
  • For the UK economy as a whole and as a global business player?
  • To you as an individual and as an employee in your organisation?

Just some thoughts for you as we start the week…


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4 responses to “Some interesting statistics: Did you know that …??

  1. Its fascinating that these figures would be a surprise to anyone and yet they are. What a powerful message that is in itself.

  2. Interesting statistics.
    I’m sure you add figures about refugees – they too have a net positive benefit to the UK economy, despite the impression perpetuated by much of the media that they are a drain on our coffers.
    Keep up the writing. Thanks

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment. Interestingly enough I was at a consultation meeting last week with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Foms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) – organised by the Runnymede Trust. One of the key issues discussed was the Refugee Agenda. If you have any figures, please feel free to forward them.

      You have some interesting thoughts expressed in your blog. Do keep writing – it makes for a good way of re-defining the diversity and equality agenda. Indeed, there may be an opportunity for co-writing an interesting piece of work?

      With thanks


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