Diversity FAQ’s No 10: How is Diversity connected to ‘Candidate Attraction’?

Candidate attraction should necessarily be understood from two main perspectives:

  • The organisation itself as an attraction piece, and
  • The attraction strategy specific to a particular recruitment campaign

Both attraction ‘types’ are inextricably connected and necessarily need to interweave for the initial effective sourcing (or attracting) of a diverse and wide range of talented individuals

For both approaches described above to yield positive dividends, they must be strategically relevant and robust enough to practically engage the various ‘globalised’ local communities currently constituting the UK labour demographic. In this sense, attraction has a direct impact on creating a positive perception of an organisation’s brand. If the perception of an organisation’s brand however is that its working practices are not inclusive (concerning such things as flexible working practices, fair pay and reward, equal development and promotion opportunities, for example), that would have a corresponding  negative impact on the organisation’s ability to attract a variety of talented individuals as part of a particular recruitment campaign it may be running.

I often get asked the question: “Jude what do I need to do to attract a diverse candidate pool?” My response tends to always refer to what I call the ‘domino effect’ analogy. It is not simply one thing that needs to be done to ensure greater success in candidate attraction for a particular recruitment campaign. It is, more often than not, a number of related things covering the employee life-cycle that may need to be put right – all of which eventually leads to the greater ability to attract a wide range of talent for particular recruitment campaigns.

Other areas from an attraction viewpoint that have a direct diversity impact are communication, particularly as it relates specifically to advertising and the advertising strategy, as well as the formulation and writing of job descriptions, etc. 

These indices of the candidate attraction process need to be managed in a non-tokenistic manner to ensure positive outcomes – and where a ‘quick fix’ solution is sought as a temporary remedy, the ‘domino effect’ becomes unavoidable.

 We shall explore these themes in greater detail in the next couple of questions…

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One response to “Diversity FAQ’s No 10: How is Diversity connected to ‘Candidate Attraction’?

  1. Great post Jude. I frequently think in terms of creating a culture of diversity which will naturally attract candidates who appreciate that kind of environment. As you indicate, it’s a process that takes time and commitment.

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