Welcome to Diversityis…

Hello World…and welcome to Diversityis!!

I have just signed up and am looking forward to blogging about all things diversity!

As a Diversity and Talent Management Consultant, I am very interested in all views on the importance (or not as the case may be!) of how you feel diversity impacts the 21st century world of business, the people function, workplace productivity, strategic thinking and effective decision-making, employee behaviours, attitudes and assumptions, and moving on from the serious – general societal interactions – which incidentally also links back to the workplace…

A friend once said to me: ‘…So Jude, what is diversity to you then?’ I paused for a minute to think. My response: ‘…diversity is, literally, about everything…human, everything that we are, linked to everything we aspire to be as an individual amongst other individuals…it is about utilising the best in ourselves to positively and productively impact others in the workplace…’

A somewhat philosophical answer to give I know, but when one takes time to think about it, it does make sense – indeed, it ought to be the baseline thought of any approach to workplace inclusivity within which  all things ‘equality’ is to be initially understood…

More on the way…

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